City of Tenants
Photo: Dounia Salamé

City of Tenants is a soon to be launched user-fed map that seeks to improve the visibility of rental market trends and conditions for researchers and city-dwellers looking to understand the condition of shelter acquisition.

The geoportal logs rental costs in relation to housing conditions for rented-out units, building hence a knowledge database about tenancy conditions. Units are logged only if they are occupied, providing those looking for shelter the possibility to gauge what they should expect to pay. The database is not open to realtors and does not seek to inform about possible commercial rental options for those looking to rent out units. On the long run, the City of Tenants database will also provide a solid perspective of the changing rental conditions in Beirut.Conceptually, the map builds on earlier research in Beirut and elsewhere, which has demonstrated the massive negative impacts of rental market opacity for those looking for shelter. We believe that by placing information in the hands of home seekers about existing rather than asking prices, we empower those looking for shelter to pay the correct price. The pilot map extends only in the municipal districts of Beirut. The long-term ambition is for the Lab to extend the project. 


Lead: Mona Fawaz and Ahmad Gharbieh Project Coordinator: Abir Zaatari Visualization Coordinator: Nour Zoghby Fares This project is part of the Beirut Built Environment Database initiative