Why was the Mar Mikhael Piazza Project stopped?

On this day, works on the Mar Mikhael Square project in the Gemmayah/Ashrafieh should have been completed, had it not been for the obstacles we faced in the past weeks, which ended last week in a sad and violent way. In this video, we will clarify some hidden facts to the public opinion, and we will confront the de-facto powers with evidence which proves that this project was and will remain solely conceived for the benefit of the people, debunking all rumors that the project was forcibly imposed upon them and intended to displace them. We regret to let those who welcomed this project down, despite their blessings and high hopes. We thank them for supporting us right from the beginning and until we were forced to withdraw. We are always ready to resume work on this project, as long as the safety of all workers commissioned by the lab is secured.


Urban design: Habib Debs with support from Jad Tabet
Landscape: Francis Landscapes
Traffic: Rami Semaan
Drainage: Pierre Damous
Videography: Moussa Shabandar
The Beirut Urban Lab Team