Brown Bag Presentation: The Territories of COVID-19 Response in Lebanon

Mona Harb spoke yesterday about "The Territories of COVID-19 Response in Lebanon," one of the Lab's ongoing research project in the brown bag series “Tackling the Long-Term Impact of COVID-19: Multidisciplinary Research Studies and Opportunities.”

These brown bags are organized by AUB to provide an informal platform for faculty members across a wide variety of disciplines to exchange ideas, initiate collaborations, and trigger joint projects in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. On May 21st, 2020’s brown bag talk, Mona Harb spoke alongside Maria Gabriella Trovato (Landscape Design, FAFS), Hana El-Ghali (Education and Youth Policy, IFI), and Lamis Jomaa (Nutrition and Food Sciences, FAFS) who also shared their current work on the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. Mona Harb presented the preliminary findings of “The Territories of the COVID-19 Response in Lebanon”, a research project on which Ahmad Gharbieh, Mona Fawaz, Luna Dayekh, Nour Zoghbi Fares, Shareef Tarhini and Ismail Hutet are working. This research project aims to document and analyze how political actors are using the crisis as an opportunity to reposition themselves across the territories of Lebanon, and how are other actors are responding to the pandemic and reconfiguring political geographies. She highlighted three types of territorialities: the territories of sectarian politics, the territories of solidarity, and left-behind territories. Mona Harb went on to say that the team is now in the process of visualizing this data and further analyzing it.